Paperback: $19.00
ISBN-13: 9781885445865
Published: April 2011
Hardback: $34.00
ISBN-13: 9781885445667
Published: March 2010

I Saw A Pale Horse and Selected Poems from Diary of a Vagabond

  • Hayashi Fumiko, one of the most popular prose writers of the Showa era, began writing as a down-and-out poet wandering the streets of 1920s Tokyo. In these translations of her first poetry collection, I Saw a Pale Horse (Aouma wo mitari) and Selected Poems from Diary of a Vagabond (Hôrôki), Fumiko’s literary origins are colorfully revealed. Little known in the west, these early poetic texts focus on Fumiko’s unconventional early life, and her construction of a female subject that would challenge, with gusto and panache, accepted notions not only of class, family, and gender but also of female poetic practice.