Our Staff

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Joel Cosseboom, Interim Director and Publisher/Chief Financial Officer

Trond Knutsen, Digital Publishing Manager

Alison Kleczewski, Rights and Permissions/Administrative Support Specialist

Noah Perales-Estoesta, Development and Digital Projects Specialist

Collin Wong, Information Technology Specialist


Business and Order Fulfillment

Order inquiries: uhpbooks@hawaii.edu

Kari Ann Hirata, Administrative Officer

Kyle S. Watanabe, Fiscal Assistant and Royalty Clerk

Cindy Yen, Customer Service Supervisor



Order inquiries: uhpjourn@hawaii.edu

Pamela J. Wilson, Journals Manager

Norman Kaneshiro, Subscriptions Manager

Alicia Upano, Production Editor

Donovan Kūhiō Colleps, Production Editor

Ben Fairfield, Journals Editorial Assistant and Managing Editor for China Review International


Marketing and Sales

Royden Muranaka, Sales Manager/Interim Marketing Manager

Carol Abe, Promotion Manager

Steven Hirashima, Product Manager

Blaine Tolentino, Digital Marketing Manager

Kiera Nishimoto, Sales Assistant



Book Acquisitions

Pamela Kelley, Executive Editor

Stephanie Chun, Acquisitions Editor

Masako Ikeda, Acquisitions Editor

Emma Ching, Editorial Associate

Debra Tang, Editorial Associate


Editorial, Design, and Production

Santos Barbasa, Production Manager

Lucille Aono, Production Editor

Mardee Melton, Art Director

Terri Miyasato, Administrative Support Specialist

Cheryl Loe, Managing Editor

Grace Wen, Managing Editor



Kyle Nakata, Warehouseman

Clifford Newalu, Warehouseman