Top Downloaded Articles 2018: Religion and Philosophy

New 2018 content published in our religion and philosophy journals garnered nearly 10,000 downloads worldwide on Project MUSE. Check out the top 10 downloads from quarterly Philosophy East and West, as well as popular articles from related titles.

No-Self in Sāṃkhya: A Comparative Look at Classical Sāṃkhya and Theravāda Buddhism by Douglas Osto

A Chinese Way of Thinking by Mark Gamsa

Hegel and Islam by M.A.R. Habib

Logos and Dao Revisited: A Non-Metaphysical Interpretation by Steven Burik

The Rise of Modern Science: Islam and the West by Maisarah Hasbullah and Mohd Hazim Shah Abdul Murad

The Subject Is Freedom by Arindam Chakrabarti

The Poetics of the Body in Islamic Mysticism by Katharine Loevy

Incommensurability and Comparative Philosophy by Xinli Wang

Stoics and Daoists on Freedom as Doing Necessary Things by David Machek

Political Realism, Freedom, and Priority of the Good: Response to Chan, Huang, and Pang-White by Jiwei Ci

Other popular religion and philosophy content includes “Grace, Symbol, and Liturgy: Constructing the Theological Anthropology of Nichiren Daishonin by Ralph H. Craig III in Buddhist-Christian Studies, “Islamophobia and the Politics of Representation of Islam in Korea” by Gi Yeon Koo in Journal of Korean Religions, and the new volume of Journal of Daoist Studies.

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