Top Downloaded Articles 2018: Asian Studies

Top downloads of new 2018 content in our Asian Studies journals include articles and reviews from quarterly China Review International and annual Korean Studies, which also publishes early release articles throughout the year.

The Problem of Sovereign Succession in Confucian Ritual Discourse: Constitutional Thought of Reconciliation between Fact and Value by Moowon Cho

Merchants of War and Peace: British Knowledge of China in the Making of the Opium War by Song-Chuan Chen (review) by Emily Mokros

Imaginary Identities and Han Nationalism: A Consideration by Rebecca E. Karl

Curative Violence: Rehabilitating Disability, Gender, and Sexuality in Modern Korea by Eunjung Kim (review) by Sonja M. Kim

Identities Surrounding a Cenotaph for Korean Atomic Bomb Victims by Yuko Takahashi

Mixed with All the Hokum and Bally Hooey: ‘Chinese Food’ and America by Shiamin Kwa

Law in the Mongol and Post-Mongol World: The Case of Yuan China by Macabe Keliher

Mao’s Lost Children: Stories of the Rusticated Youth of China’s Cultural Revolution ed. by Ou Nianzhong and Liang Yongkang (review) by Matt Wills

Implicit Political and Economic Liberties in the Thought of Tasan Chŏng Yagyong by Jongwoo Yi

Out of China: How the Chinese Ended the Era of Western Domination by Robert Bickers (review) by Parks Coble

Also check out the most downloaded articles from our other Asian Studies titles: “Oceanus Resartus; or, Is Chinese Maritime History Coming of Age?” by Leonard Blussé in Cross-Currents and “The Contradictions of the Womenomics Campaign: Abe Shinzō’s Employment Reforms and Japan’s Public Service Workers” by Charles Weathers in U.S.-Japan Women’s Journal.

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