Oceanic Linguistics, vol. 57, no. 2 (2018)

The December issue of Oceanic Linguistics marks the end of an era. Retiring editor John Lynch, managing editor Byron Bender, and review editor Robert Blust will join the editorial advisory board as a new, international team takes over the helm.

In the final pages of this issue, Lynch writes, “On behalf of the outgoing team, I would like to thank authors for the constant flow of submissions, and for their generous acceptance of decisions that are not always in their favor; and I would like to wish the incoming team all the best for the future of Oceanic Linguistics.” Learn more about the new Oceanic Linguistics team here.

In this issue, Robert Blust remembers Richard Bernard McGinn Jr. (1939-2018), a “scholar who had a lifetime commitment to the Austronesian languages of insular Southeast Asia, a talented fieldworker, a lively and enthusiastic teacher, a skilled administrator and facilitator, a friend and colleague with an irrepressible sense of humor, and a committed social activist in his retirement years.”

Map 2 in "Parallel Histories in Rote-Meto" by Owen Edwards. Political Domains of Rote Island, from the author.
Map 2 in “Parallel Histories in Rote-Meto” by Owen Edwards this issue. Political Domains of Rote Island, from the author.


This issue contains the following scholarly works:

The Nature of Pretonic Weak Vowels in Squliq Atayal
Hui-chuan J. Huang

Two Patterns of /a/ and /o/ Alternation in Subanon
Sharon Bulalang

A Reconstruction of the Proto-Puyuma Aspectual and Modal System
Stacy Fang-ching Teng

The Challenge of Semantic Reconstruction 2: Proto-Malayo-Polynesian *kamaliR ‘Men’s House’
Robert Blust

Parallel Histories in Rote-Meto
Owen Edwards

Nominalized Predicates in Vurës, Vanuatu
Catriona Malau

The Phonological Basis of Syntactic Change in Kerinci
Yanti, Timothy Mckinnon, Peter Cole, Gabriella Hermon

Squib: Palauan Word List by Miklouho-Maclay: A New Source on Palauan Historical Phonology
Alexander Kuznetsov

In Memoriam: Richard Bernard McGinn, Jr., 1939–2018
Robert Blust

Addendum: A Short Note on Richard McGinn’s Legacy in Southern Sumatra
Bradley McDonnell

Analyzing meaning: An introduction to semantics and pragmatics by Paul R. Kroeger (review)
James N. Collins

A grammar of Nungon: A Papuan language of northeast New Guinea by Hannah S. Sarvasy (review)
Lourens De Vries

About the Journal

Oceanic Linguistics is the only journal devoted exclusively to the study of the indigenous languages of the Oceanic area and parts of Southeast Asia.

Oceanic Linguistics Volume 57, Issue 2

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