Language Documentation & Conservation: Special Issue and New Articles (Volume 12)

New uploads have been added to the National Foreign Language Resource Center’s free and open-access journal Language Documentation & Conservation.

A Descriptive Grammar of Shilluk By Bert Remijsen & Otto Gwado Ayoker

Special Issue 14: A Descriptive Grammar of Shilluk by Bert Remijsen & Otto Gwado Ayoker

Published in installments, this special publication of Language Documentation & Conservation presents descriptive analyses on topics in the grammar of Shilluk, a Nilo Saharan language spoken primarily in South Sudan. Learn more and read the first chapter on the LD&C website.

Volume 12: New Articles

A Guide to the Syuba (Kagate) Language Documentation Corpus
Lauren Gawne

Discourses of speakerhood in Iyasa: Linguistic identity and authenticity in an endangered language
Anna Belew

The Blackfoot Language Resources and Digital Dictionary project: Creating integrated web resources for language documentation and revitalization
Inge Genee & Marie-Odile Junker

Seeing Speech: Ultrasound-based Multimedia Resources for Pronunciation Learning in Indigenous Languages
Heather Bliss, Sonya Bird, PEPAḴIYE Ashley Cooper, Strang Burton & Bryan Gick

A Guide to the Documentation of the Beth Qustan Dialect of the Central Neo-Aramaic Language Turoyo
Mikael Oez

Simultaneous Visualization of Language Endangerment and Language Description
Harald Hammarström, Thom Castermans, Robert Forkel, Kevin Verbeek, Michel A. Westenberg & Bettina Speckmann

Integrating Automatic Transcription into the Language Documentation Workflow: Experiments with Na Data and the Persephone Toolkit
Alexis Michaud, Oliver Adams, Trevor Anthony Cohn, Graham Neubig & Séverine Guillaume

Language Documentation & Conservation
Volume 12

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