Biography vol. 41, no. 2 (Spring 2018)

Biography: An Interdisciplinary Quarterly volume 41, number 2 (Spring 2018) focuses on the concept of interviewing as a creative practice. In their introduction, “Putting Things Together: Introduction to Interviewing as Creative Practice,” guest editors Anneleen Masschelein and Rebecca Roach write:

[W]e consider the interview as an encounter, as an assemblage of heterogeneous elements. It promises access to an interior but ultimately remains unruly: resisting interpretative truth, it reveals things other than what it may promise. Thus, in this special issue as it now stands, our interest has shifted from questions of genre to the notion of the interview as an “unconcept”: ambiguous, paradoxical, the interview belongs everywhere and nowhere.


The Interview as Criticism: David Sylvester’s Artist Interviews
by James Finch

Confessions of a Ventriloquist

by Julie Cyzewski

Ways of Seeing/Ways of Talking: Conversation and Collage in the Films of Mike Dibb

Mike Dibb interviewed by Anneleen Masschelein

Morituri Te Salutant: The Mediatization of the Literary Last Interview at the Turn of the Twenty-First Century

by Anneleen Masschelein

…plus Reviews and Contributor Notes.

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Volume 41, Number 2
Spring 2018

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