Architecture in the South Pacific: The Ocean of Islands
356pp. July 2014
Architecture in the South Pacific: The Ocean of Islands
Author: Taylor, Jennifer; Conner, James;
Architecture in the South Pacific: The Ocean of Islands recounts the recent developments of the South Pacific and its fascinating architecture. This volume traces the European architectural overlay onto this scattered group of islands as well as the transition of these same islands towards a regional identity that has been fashioned by the remoteness of each location, the incomparable setting, and the distinctive ethnic mix of its inhabitants.

A series of themed essays present the story of architectural development in the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, New Caledonia, Fiji, Wallis and Futuna, Tonga, the Cook Islands, Samoa and American Samoa, and French Polynesia.

Recent architecture typifies the evolution of the islands as they have been subjected to the transformative waves of alien trade, religion, colonization, war and tourism, followed by post-colonialism and revived nationalism.

As with the Pacific region itself, the most prominent characteristic of the architecture is its diversity. The blending of the universal and the local sets the stage for a fresh vision of the South Pacific across a wide range of building types, from spectacular mission churches to sensational resorts in paradise. This book, in full colour, will appeal to architects, armchair-tourists, students and all those for whom the South Pacific is the idyll of their dreams.

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"Jennifer Taylor and James Connor have created a monumental book . . .. This book is a must for anyone seriously interested in the built environment in the Pacific." —The Fiji Times (online)

"Few photography books on the South Pacific can compare with this tome, which surveys the islands and their rich architectural history. . . . Written in a fluid, academic voice, the book explores the cultural value of place and structure as the authors look at various influences converging on the South Pacific islands and the resultant modernity displayed in the area's architecture. The cascading photographs of buildings and their tropical surroundings that appear throughout offer readers dimension, ambience, and context." —CHOICE (February 2015)

Author: Taylor, Jennifer; Conner, James;
Jennifer Taylor is an architect, educator, architecture historian, and critic in Australia and internationally.

James Conner has spent considerable time in practice as an architect, urban designer, planner, and senior administrator.