Water, Snow, Water: Constructive Living for Mental Health
142pp. July 2013
Water, Snow, Water: Constructive Living for Mental Health
Author: Reynolds, David K.;
“You can’t be happy all the time. You can’t feel comfortable all the time. You can’t have the feelings you want when you want them for as long as you want them. Life just doesn’t operate like that. Maybe you have tried counseling or therapy or diets or meditation or chemicals or some sort of esoteric magic to work on your feelings, to fix your life or make it perfect. Nothing worked as well as you had hoped. Reading this book won’t solve your life problems either. But it will give you some suggestions that are sensible, practical and doable—suggestions about how to work on your life. Work is the key word here. Sitting and talking with someone is not enough. Venting your feelings is not enough. Putting your mind in some quiet inner place is not enough. Working on your life involves moving your body, doing your life purposefully and constructively. This book offers you concrete assignments for such activity.”

Adapting ideas from Japanese psychotherapies and Eastern thought, Constructive Living (CL) offers a sensible way of living. Across cultures and generations, CL ideas make sound, practical sense. Water, Snow, Water presents the current state of CL in its application to the West. Using a variety of materials—including essays, tales, maxims, detailed behavioral advice, case studies—David Reynolds, the founder of CL, presents fresh perspectives on everything from worrying to love, from psychotherapy to death.

For more information on Constructive Living, go to constructiveliving.org, constructiveliving2.weebly.com.

A Latitude 20 Book
Author: Reynolds, David K.;
David K. Reynolds, Ph.D, is the founder of Constructive Living and has authored more than twenty-five books on mental health. His work has been published in Japan, China, Germany, England, India, Australia, Mexico, Israel, and elsewhere. He is the only Westerner to have received the Morita Prize and the Kora Prize from Japan’s Morita Therapy Association. Formerly on the faculty of the UCLA School of Public Health, the USC School of Medicine, and the University of Houston, Reynolds is director of the Constructive Living Center in Coos Bay, Oregon.

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1 Questions and Answers about Constructive Living (CL)  
2 Getting Along with Life 
3 Shinks 
4 Common Sense 
5 Fleeing from Responsibility for Behavior 
6 An Alternative to Psychotherapy 
7 Psychotherapy as Myth 
8 On Feelings 
9 In Praise of Pain 
10 Whirling Dust 
11 Reflections on Mind 
12 Attention 
13 Paralysis by Possibility—Unipossible and Multipossible Situations 
14 Under New Management 
15 Contentment 
16 Backups, Throwaway Tissues, Road Kill, and Resources—Self-focus in America 
17 On Being Natural 
18 Some Truths 
19 Reflections on Interpersonal Relations 
20 Constructive Living Assignments 
21 Constructive Living Tales 
22 Constructive Living Maxims 
23 Constructive Living Poem 

Postscript—Healing America