Locating Life Stories: Beyond East-West Binaries in (Auto)Biographical Studies
272pp. September 2012
Locating Life Stories: Beyond East-West Binaries in (Auto)Biographical Studies
Editor: Perkins, Maureen;
The thirteen essays in this volume come from Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Malaysia, South Africa, and Hawai‘i. With a shared focus on the specific local conditions that influence the ways in which life narratives are told, the authors engage with a variety of academic disciplines, including anthropology, history, media studies, and literature, to challenge claims that life writing is an exclusively Western phenomenon. Addressing the common desire to reflect on lived experience, the authors enlist interdisciplinary perspectives to interrogate the range of cultural forms available for representing and understanding lives.

Contributors: Maria Faini, Kenneth George, Philip Holden, David T. Hill, Craig Howes, Bryan Kuwada, Kirin Narayan, Maureen Perkins, Peter Read, Tony Simoes da Silva, Mathilda Slabbert, Gerry van Klinken, Pei-yi Wu.

30 illus.

Biography Monographs Series
Published in association with the Biographical Research Center
Editor: Perkins, Maureen;
Maureen Perkins is a founding editor of the journal Life Writing. She teaches social sciences at Curtin University in Western Australia, with a special interest in colonial and postcolonial history.
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Maureen Perkins
Never the Twain: Life Writing’s Geographical Contexts 

Philip Holden 
Refusing the Cultural Turn: Amir Muhammad’s Politics of Surfaces  

Kenneth M. George Life Writing and the Making of Companionable Objects: Reflections on Sunaryo’s Titik Nadir  

Mathilda Slabbert 
“These people are my people, these places are my places”: Cultural Hybridity and Identity in South African Artist David Kramer’s Oeuvre  

Tony Simoes da Silva 
Under New Management: Whiteness in Post-Apartheid South African Life Writing  

Craig Howes 
Martin Amis, Mimetic Contracts, and Life Writing Pacts: A Story about 9/11  

Bryan Kamaoli Kuwada 
Hidden Heroes: Cultural Interaction and Nationalism in Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century Hawaiian Biographies  

Maria Faini 
Ethics, Oral History, and Interpreters in the Iraq War  

Gerry van Klinken 
“Don’t write this”: Researching Provincial Biographies in Indonesia  

Peter Read
Biography in the Court Room? Far from a Final Judgment  

David T. Hill 
Writing Lives in Exile: Autobiographies of the Indonesian Left Abroad  

Kirin Narayan 
Local Boons: The Many Lives of Family Stories  

Pei-yi Wu 
The Jiwen of Shen Cheng for his Daughter Azhen