Specialty Crops for Pacific Islands
576pp. August 2011
Specialty Crops for Pacific Islands
Editor: Elevitch, Craig, R.;
From bamboo to black pepper, cacao to coconut and tea to taro—Specialty Crops for Pacific Islands provides detailed cultivation, value-added, and marketing information for 27 of the most important specialty crops for Pacific Islands and other tropical locations.

Specialty crops provide a rapidly growing economic opportunity for innovative farmers and gardeners who are interested in diversifying their products. The book provides insights into sustainable cultivation and processing techniques for local and export markets with an emphasis on innovating production methods, postharvest processing, and marketing.

Beautifully illustrated with over 940 color images, each chapter covers a crop in detail. Specialty Crops for Pacific Islands highlights producers from throughout the Pacific and shares their experience—both their challenges and successes.

From the publishers of Traditional Trees for Pacific Islands and Agroforestry Guides for Pacific Islands, this 576-page book promotes high-quality food, fiber, and healthcare crops grown in diverse agroforestry systems. The emphasis is on providing small farms with opportunities for local consumption and commercial sale.

Specialty Crops for Pacific Islands is a must-have reference book for farmers, gardeners, teachers, and extension agents in the Pacific and throughout the tropics who are interested in new economic opportunities from specialty crops. This is not a book that sits on the shelf, but is thumbed through again and again.

940 color illus.

Distributed for Permanent Agriculture Resources
“Elevitch has expertly crafted twenty-seven chapters using the expertise of many prominent horticultural writers in a collective work that could become the new ‘food crop bible’ for many small and large farmers and food producers in Polynesia and other tropical regions around the world. Besides the superb color photography, this highly informative book provides detailed information for 26 existing and potential new crops and contains everything that you would require for selecting, growing and marketing these selected crops. . . . Specialty Crops for Pacific Islands is not just a handsome coffee table book but a real ‘how to’ guide for serious enthusiasts and farmers who want detailed information on how to plant, cultivate, harvest and market tropical crops. Everything one might need to start an agri-business is clearly outlined and the world class photography really helps to explain this important story.” —California Rare Fruit Gardeners Magazine

“This formidable array of information is a gold mine of great ideas and insights on how our agricultural and food systems can be more environmentally, economically, culturally, and nutritionally sustainable and adaptable to a changing island world.” —R. R. Thaman, University of the South Pacific, Fiji

“This book provides an enormous boost to the growing worldwide recognition of the crucial role these traditional crops can play in alleviation of ongoing malnutrition, poor health, poverty, and environmental degradation, and social deprivation.” —Roger R. B. Leakey, James Cook University, Australia

“This compendium of expertly prepared profiles of the specialty plants grown in complex agroforestry systems, lavishly illustrated by captivating photographs, is a valuable addition to the literature on agroforestry and sustainable land use.” —P. K. Nair, University of Florida, Gainesville

“We are at a crossroad between food, money, truth, and cultures. Why not look accurately at the issues and work toward enlightened understanding that signals a shift from status-quo thinking? Hahai no ka ua i ka ulula‘au—Plant a forest and the rains will follow.” —Manu Aluli Meyer

“To all those who say that agriculture must intensify globally, Specialty Crops for Pacific Islands responds, ‘Yes, let’s intensify, but through diversity and not at the expense of it.’ It’s a message that should resonate around the world.” —Luigi Guarino, Global Crop Diversity Trust, Italy

“This book comes at an opportune time for Pacific Island countries exploring means of self-sufficiency through potentially high-value crops that meet both local needs and earn export income. For the enterprising cultivator, the book is comprehensive in its coverage and beautifully illustrated.” —Suliana Siwatibau, community development consultant, Fiji

“Traditional agricultural systems have been the basis for Pacific Island food security for thousands of years, but the shift from subsistence to a cash economy has marginalized many of these systems. Integrating specialty crops with economic benefits into agroforestry systems can contribute greatly to island food security and economic development.” —Bill Raynor, The Nature Conservancy, Pohnpei, FSM
Editor: Elevitch, Craig, R.;
Craig Elevitch has been an educator in agroforestry and sustainable human agroecosystems since 1991. He directs Agroforestry Net, a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to empowering people in agroforestry and ecological resource management. The organization’s internationally recognized publications and workshops have guided thousands in becoming more proficient in ecological food production, agroforestry, and reforestation. Elevitch edits The Overstory, a monthly agroforestry journal, and his books include Agroforestry Guides for Pacific Islands (2000), The Overstory Book: Cultivating Connections with Trees (2004), Traditional Trees of Pacific Islands: Their Culture, Environment, and Use (2006), and Specialty Crops for Pacific Islands (2011), all of which promote diverse agricultural systems that produce abundant food, fiber, medicine, and other important resources.