People and Cultures of Hawaii: The Evolution of Culture and Ethnicity
376pp. April 2011
People and Cultures of Hawaii: The Evolution of Culture and Ethnicity
Editor: McDermott, John F.; Andrade, Naleen Naupaka;
This is a significant update to the highly influential text People and Cultures of Hawaii: A Psychocultural Profile. Since its publication in 1980, the immigrant groups it discusses in depth have matured and new ones have been added to the mix. The present work tracks the course of these changes over the past twenty years, constructing a historical understanding of each group as it evolved from race to ethnicity to culture.

Individual chapters begin with an overview of one of fifteen groups. Following the development of its unique ethnocultural identity, distinctive character traits such as temperament and emotional expression are explored—as well as ethnic stereotypes. Also discussed are modifications to the group’s ethnocultural identity over time and generational change—which traits may have changed over generations and which are more hardwired or enduring. An important feature of each chapter is the focus on the group’s family social structure, generational and gender roles, power distribution, and central values and life goals. Readers will also find a description of the group’s own internal social class structure, social and political strategies, and occupational and educational patterns. Finally, contributors consider how a particular ethnic group has blended into Hawai‘i’s culturally sensitive society.

People and Cultures of Hawai‘i: The Evolution of Culture and Ethnicity will, like its predecessor, fill an important niche in understanding the history of different ethnic groups in Hawai‘i.

“A rich, highly useful description of the history and influences of all the cultural groups of Hawaii. . . . Excellent for a cultural historical study of Hawaii as well courses with a sociological or an anthropological viewpoint. . . . Highly recommended.” —Choice (49:9, May 2012)
Editor: McDermott, John F.; Andrade, Naleen Naupaka;
John F. McDermott is professor emeritus of psychiatry University of Hawai‘i and a fellow of Clare Hall, Cambridge University, UK. Naleen Naupaka Andrade is professor and chair of the University of Hawai‘i Department of Psychiatry.
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Preface - John F. McDermott and Naleen Naupaka Andrade
Introduction - John F. McDermott and Naleen Naupaka Andrade

1 The Hawaiians - Naleen Naupaka Andrade and Cathy Kaheau‘ilani Bell
2 The Euro-Americans - Kathryn Braun and Deborah Goebert
3 The Chinese - Victor Yee and Kwong-Yen Lum
4 The Portuguese - Naleen Naupaka Andrade and Stephanie T. Nishimura
5 The Japanese - Courtenay Matsu, Junji Takeshita, Satoru Izutsu, and Earl Hishinuma
6 The Okinawans - Ryokichi Higashionna, Gilbert Ikehara, and Leslie Matsukawa
7 The Hispanics - Lisa Sánchez-Johnsen
8 The Koreans - Jane Chung-Do, John Huh, and Mark Kang
9 The Filipinos - Anthony P. S. Guerrero, Ricardo Bayola, and Celia Ona
10 The Blacks - John W. Hawkins and Emily A. Hawkins
11 The Samoans - John R. Bond and Faapisa M. Soli
12 The Thais - Michael Fukuda and Anongnart “Mickie” Carriker
13 The Vietnamese - Christine Su and Paul Tran
14 The Cambodians - Christine Su
15 The Micronesians - Neal Palafox, Sheldon Riklon, Sekap Esah, Davis Rehuher, William Swain, Kristina Stege, Dale Naholowaa, Allen Hixon, and Kino Ruben

Conclusion - John F. McDermott and Naleen Naupaka Andrade