Not the Way It Really Was: Constructing the Tolai Past
328pp. May 1991
Not the Way It Really Was: Constructing the Tolai Past
Author: Neumann, Klaus;
"One of the most innovative monographs in recent Pacific Islands studies." --Reviews in Anthropology
Pacific Islands Monograph Series No.10
Published in association with the Center for Pacific Islands Studies, University of Hawai‘i
Author: Neumann, Klaus;
Klaus Neumann studied history, political science, and education at Frankfurt University and went on to receive his PhD in Pacific history from the Australian National University. He has worked as a teacher, journalist, mail carrier, proofreader, and youth worker, and is now a senior research fellow at Swinburne University in Melbourne.
"Neumann's main concern is with the very essence of the historical enterprise itself. On the one hand, he is concerned to write a history of the Tolai's colonial experience through a series of incidents and a variety of reports or memories of them. The result is not a single history, but rather multiple histories that are themselves montages of varying complexity. In many respects, however, the Tolai history (or histories) is but a vehicle for addressing a larger set of issues about the nature of history and the work of its practitioners. The histories of other peoples would have served equally well." -from the Editor's Note
Maps, x
Acknowledgments, xi
Conventions, xv
1 Account of a Defeat, 1
2 Setting Out, 40
3 ToMarnakat Was a Real Human Being, 50
4 Of People and Place, 70
5 The Coming of the Lotu, 81
6 Oral Traditions as Histories? 106
7 He Went Down in History as a Man of Faith and a Staunch Leader, 125
8 History and the Control of Land, 141
9 The Kivung, Enos Teve, and the Urge to Do Something, 156
10 Of Money, Work, and Death, 183
11 Dark Ages, 204
12 Tami Kastom and Tolai Ways, 212
13 Variations on the Alienation of Land, 229
14 The Resurrection of the Past, 238
15 Constructing the Tolai Past, 249
Notes, 263
Glossary of Tolai Terms, 281
References, 287
Index, 301