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The University of Hawai‘i Press started with one journal in 1947 and today publishes or distributes 24, two literary and 22 scholarly. They all reflect strongly the University's regional and international focus.

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Asian Perspectives (MUSE, ToCs via )
The Journal of Archaeology for Asia and the Pacific

Asian Theatre Journal (MUSE, JSTOR, ToCs via )
Official Journal of the Association for Asian Performance

Azalea (MUSE, ToCs via )
Journal of Korean Literature and Culture

Biography (MUSE, ToCs via )
An Interdisciplinary Quarterly

Buddhist-Christian Studies (MUSE, JSTOR, ToCs via )
Official Journal of the Society for Buddhist-Christian Studies

China Review International (MUSE, ToCs via )
Reviews of Scholarly Literature in Chinese Studies

Cross-Currents: East Asian History and Culture Review (ToCs via )
Published for RIKS, Korea University, and IEAS, Univ. of California at Berkeley

The Hawaiian Journal of History
Published for the Hawaiian Historical Society

Journal of Daoist Studies 

Journal of Korean Religions (MUSE, ToCs via )
Distributed for Institute for the Study of Religion, Sogang University

Journal of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society  New in 2017
Official Journal of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society - Open Access

Journal of World History (MUSE, JSTOR, ToCs via )
Official Journal of the World History Association

Korean Studies (MUSE, ToCs via )
A Multidisciplinary Journal on Korea and Koreans Abroad

Language Documentation & Conservation (ToCs via )
An Open-Access, digital-only journal from NFLRC

Manoa (MUSE, JSTOR, ToCs via )
New Writing from America, the Pacific, and Asia

Oceanic Linguistics (MUSE, JSTOR, ToCs via )
Current Research on Languages of the Oceanic Area

Pacific Science (BioOne, MUSE, Open Access, ToCs via )
A Quarterly Devoted to the Biological and Physical Sciences of the Pacific Region

Palapala       NEW IN 2017
A journal for Hawaiian language and literature -Open Access

Philosophy East and West (MUSE, JSTOR, ToCs via )
A Quarterly of Comparative Philosophy

Rapa Nui Journal NEW IN 2018 (ToCs via )
The Journal of the Easter Island Foundation

Review of Japanese Culture and Society (MUSE, ToCs via )
Distributed for Center for the Promotion of Art and Science, Josai University

The Contemporary Pacific (MUSE, ToCs via )
A Journal of Island Affairs

Distributed for Center for the Promotion of Art and Science, Josai University

Yearbook (MUSE, ToCs via )
of the Association of Pacific Coast Geographers

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BioOne Complete The Press's first journal, Pacific Science, is also available in the BioOne.2 database of biology journals.